Nepal Key Facts

Location: 26.22' North to 30.27' North

Longitude: 80.04' East to 88.12' East

Borders: China in the north and India in the south, east and west

Area: 147,181 sq. km. ((56,827 sq miles)

Length: 885 km. (east to west)

Width: Non-uniform—mean width of 193 km. (north to south)

Altitude: 70 meter to 8,850 meter

Capital: Kathmandu

Language: Nepali (there are many other regional languages as well and English is spoken widely in major cities and towns)

Time: GMT + 5.45

Currency: Nepali Rupee (NPR, Rs) = 100 paisa. Notes are in denominations of Rs 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. Coins are in denominations of 10, 25, 50 paisa and Rs 1, 2 and 5.

Religion: Secular, but mainly Hindu (81%) and Buddhist (11%), with a small Muslim minority (4%) and others (4%).

Comment for Nepal Key Facts
Nepal is a beautiful country.
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